Jailkit: copy over ca-certificates

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  1. elmacus

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    I ran it like i understand you meant, like cron would run it (except -v):
    jk_updater_ispc -v
    No jail or root.
  2. elmacus

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    How to remove an old jail with all user files created by jailkit in user home.
    There is no "jk_uninstall".
    Delete the SSH jailuser and manually remove all files (except /web /log /ssl /tmp /private etc) in clients web ?
    Only safe way i can think of is to remove website in ISPconfig. And then reinstall website, but takes alot of time.
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  3. Taleman

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    A user is jailed by changing the shell in /etc/passwd. So if the /usr/sbin/jk_chrootsh is changed back to /bin/bash the user is no longer jailed. This is not very clean, however, all the jail setup still exists.
  4. elmacus

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    Thanks, the question was (maybee unclear, will update), how do i remove all user files created by jailkit?
  5. Jesse Norell

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    Yep, that's pretty much it, jailkit does not track what it installs. FWIW, a website's root recently created here includes these directories; you can remove everything else(*) if you want to completely get rid of jailkit remnants:
    # ls -F /var/www/domain.com
    cgi-bin/  log/  private/  ssl/  tmp/  web/  webdav/
    And you probably don't need to keep cgi-bin or webdav unless you use them.

    (*) This is a single website, with no alias vhosts or subdomain vhosts - if you have those, be sure you don't remove the web root directories for them. Should be pretty obvious, but noted for others referencing this thread in the future; as always, think before acting...
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