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    First of all I love howtoforge!

    Reading your current Samba tutorials, it mentions that a LDAP + SAMBA tutorial is coming soon. I was wondering how soon, "soon" is. This is something that I've been trying to do for quite awhile. Thanks!

  2. till

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    I will finish the LDAP part of the howto if I get a bit spare time :)
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    Funny: "LDAP + SAMBA"

    Almost a year later and still no howto :D

    Im trying this for almost 2 weeks now:confused: , i already did a couple of reinstalls :)

    if it works i will post the step i took ;)

    i already took some notes...

    i dunno if someone will use it, but anyway...

  4. steve1084

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    Mandriva Director Server

    Hi Falko
    Hi Till

    Ive just been having a go at the Mandriva Director Server install but It seems that they expect people to have a full Linux degree before embarking on an install of there management console. Its the lack of information thats coursing problems as they seem to expect people to know or have pre-configured a whole bunch of stuff but they don't tell you at the beginning do they.

    It seem that they expect people to have already pre setup and configured LDAP and Samba so this would allow you to have a LDAP and Samba install howto with a nice gui managment interface at the end

    You guy's know how to write a decent start to finish install process, something the Guy's at mandriva are not yet ready to embrace. ie writing Howto's for the masses.

    So here is My Christmas wish list:

    A complete start to end how to for the mandriva directory server on Debian Etch. http://mds.mandriva.org

    They also show that it can be installed on fedora, centos and mandriva.

    Maybe even some tips at the end about how to make it compatible with ispconfig.

    Anyway Thanks for everything you guys and the rest of your team do, its really appreciated.

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