Letsencrypt dns-01 challenge

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  1. _Nico_

    _Nico_ New Member

    i am using debian 8, apache and ispconfig 3.1.1p1. I have one problem: the webservers for which i want to generate SSL certificates are not available from the internet. Is there any possibilty to get certificates via ISPconfig + Letsencrypt?
    I have read about the dns challenge to verify. Is it a possible option to use in ISPconfig? I can't find any settings about Letsencrypt in the GUI.
    Has someone the same problem and solved it?
    At the moment when I hit the checkbox SSL and Letsencrypt i only get a self-singend cert....
    Regards Nico
  2. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    ISPC doesn't support DNS-01. Letsencrypt can DNS-01 but in manual mode - meaning you'd have to enter the stuff by hand.
    However, I prefer acme.sh meanwhile as LE client and it offers also DNS-01 and has already api scripts for serveral dns providers. I'm currently trying to write my own dns-01 plugin for ISPC 3.1.
  3. _Nico_

    _Nico_ New Member

    Thanks for the fast answer sjau. Im am using getssl at the moment. It also has the possiblity to run on one server an push the certificates to the webservers... So the stuff is not inserted into ISPconfig as well :(
    I hope ISPconfig will add dns-01 challange in the future. You are writing an plugin to add the cert stuff into ISPconfig? If it is finished i would like to see it !

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