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    Dear all,
    I searched for a location on this forum where new developers were introduced, but didn't find a location. So I thought let's just put it here. A few days ago I contacted Mr. Till to provide my help to further expand the possibilities of IspConfig. The reason I did this is because I am using IspConfig for a few years now and I am a very happy user.

    IspConfig never costed any fees and so I think it is getting time to do something back to the community. Because I completely 'renewed' my IspConfig environment with lot's of additional options and probably some of them are interesting for other users too. I hope!

    To provide a list with all features I added is not possible right now. I made some lists which are sent to Mr. Till to find out if there is any interest. If it works out well I hope I am able to provide you with a crazily list of items to implement in IspConfig.

    Just to let you know ... Currently I am running IspConfig on thousands of servers, and because I like to develop new code and automate all kinds of processes on the Internet, I do not have time to maintain all those servers by myself. And so I expanded the features of IspConfig to fully automate all processes, without any interactions by myself.

    Whenever some one likes to know something about me or my crazy hobbies, please just ask. It will be a pleasure to help you finding solutions for your issues.

    My contact information is available within my profile and is as far as I know public available for everyone. I agreed with Mr. Till I do not put any code online yet so he and his team are able to check which features are interesting enough, and probably we have to prioritise them too. So please provide Mr. Till and his team a bit of time to do his work.

    For now enjoy your day and hopefully we will have some words soon to exchange awesome ideas!
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    The link is not working(?)

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