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Discussion in 'General' started by mislav, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. mislav

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    Hi there.
    Question on limit templates in ispconfig - how exactly do they work? If I understood correctly with limit-template you can only limit web-quota and if client exceed that (or traffic) you get email.
    In addition to that, you can place limit per-email account and you also get notification for that.
    However, I'm looking for something like e.g. plesk/cpanel/few other solutions have - I want to limit client client to 3GB and in that 3 GB web/email/database space is calculated together and email is sent to admin, if exceeded. Is that possible? I'm currently using, maybe in 3.1.?
    I'm asking because I've clients that I limited to 3GB and they only have 6GB of emails, so you see this is the problem. And also I can't limit them per email domain, just account, so that's also not good.
  2. till

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    no. web quota is a linux harddisk quota, a client can not exceed it. that you get an email is an optional functionality and not relevant for quota.

    Email has its own quota, right, and this quota is limited by the dovecot and courier, so it can't be exceeded as well. That you get an email notification is an optional feature and not relevant for quota limitations.

    That's not possible for several reasons, first one is security, to put website and email into the same quota it requires that email and website has the same Linux user or group, so a hacker that got into your WordPress site has access to all your emails, which is really bad. The second thing is that there is no Linux quota that spans over individual harddisks on several servers, ispconfig is a multiserver panel and not limited to single servers like most other panels, so having a quota that won't work on multiserver systems with one or more email and one or more web servers makes no sense for ispconfig.

    If you have a client that uses more email space then he is allowed then you either override the limit as admin user for this client or your server is not setup properly.
  3. mislav

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    Hi till, thanks for answer. I understand what you're saying, all clear now.
  4. elmacus

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    Websitepanel/MSPcontrol for windows calculates quota over multiserver and report only. Not enforcing any stop in service if over limit.
    So its not impossible to find a solution without sacrifying security.

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