Limited Software and Hardware Compatability Issues

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Ryan Mikesell, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Ryan Mikesell

    Ryan Mikesell New Member

    One of the main reasons why I would never be able to fully convert to Linux. Windows just has so much more to offer when it comes to compatability and the amount of software to offer. Also I feel like the ease of use with Windows makes it easier to master and really take full advantage of. If anyone out there has any advice, recommendations on software, or reasons why they choose Linux over some of the other programs available I would love to hear from you and learn something new.
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  2. Monica Benson

    Monica Benson New Member

    I'd love to say that it is because Linux respects my freedom. I have also found that I can usually find a Linux distribution that runs more stably and efficiently than whatever proprietary software, which shipped with whatever hardware I purchased.
  3. user848429

    user848429 New Member

    Linux is more stable, more secure, free, and requires fewer resources to operate. So naturally, it's perfect for hosting
    I use it for all my servers, but for my desktop OS, I'm on Windows.

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