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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by albertoc, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. albertoc

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    i read this article about Linksys WRT54GS + OpenWRT + ChillSpot + FreeRadius (with Mysql authentication and accounting ) + PHP/Perl -
    and i want to do the same thing but i have some questions about, someone can help me?

    my model is linksys WRT54G, do i have to downgrade de firmware? my current version is 1.00.2

    how can i know if my time_wait variable is on? PS: the ping sequence command did not work to me (or my linksys model)

    or i can just install openwrt?


    Alberto Viana
  2. sbovisjb1

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    Use the firm ware that is made for you're router, i have the same router as you. Be carefull though, if you're not technologically inclined do not increase you're speed more than 70 (heat issues) Of course take a risk and make you're own cooling system for you're router (and mine) use

    They make cracked firmware for that model. Enjoy
  3. falko

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    Is this the original Linksys firmware? Shouldn't the version be something like 4.xx?

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