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    For a long time ive been wanting to install linuxBIOS onto my computer. What linuxBIOS is a optimized BIOS that is extremley configurable to you're system needs.... I know enough C and C++ to feel confident to attempt this my self. There was one largish problem though i didnt have a EPROM burner for my chip. With a bit of searching i found out that a cheap burner costs $50. But for the same price a company would do that for you. So i jumped at it. So there you have it a chip that can boot you'er system in 5 secs and it only cost you $50.

    The site is

    PS if you dont know what you're doing dont try to burn a EPROM or anything FLASH because it requires you taking it out of a running system and this could blow up and KILL you. Dont say you havnt been warned. Of course if you have taken all the saftey precautions you should be fine.

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