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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Luciano, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Luciano

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    Hello folks from Howtoforge!
    It's my first post in here and i hope i'll find a solution quickly.

    Here in Rio, i work for a web solution provider, as a network administrator. One day, our IMAP mail server has stopped by a hard disk crash [doh!] :mad: , lying unacessible, but i still have access to read the /postfix/ folder.

    I tried to find any possible solutions to reinstall and migrate messages and MySQL databases/configurations to another machine, but i can't set up another machine to work correctly using mail.

    Then i started fetching Google, seeking some "ready-to-go" installation scripts to quickly recover the mail service from our company, until i found Falko's homepage and started to read his Howtos.

    After deciding which solution would be the best fit for my purposes, i chose The Perfect Setup using Fedora Core 4. Everything worked sucessfully pretty well. So i found the ISPConfig solution, downloaded it and installed it normally. Pretty fine and clean interface.

    But, after all, i can't start up my mail server... [doh!!] :(

    Now my little problems are:

    1 - I need to create the Reseller, the clients and the site. How to set-up and configure the interface correctly, in order to start receiving and sending e-mails?

    2 - Is it possible to migrate (e.g.: copy) all folders and messages from my damaged hard disk to this new one directly, after creating each mailbox for my users?

    3 - I have to define another specific mailbox, using a different domain name (e.g: instead of What are the steps to do it?

    Guys, i need these answers as soon as possible. If you want to find me quickly, feel free to add me into your Msn: [email protected]

    Thanks a lot in advance! :D
  2. falko

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    As described in the documentation ( Create a reseller, then a client, and then a web site with users. The only thing you have to take care of is that you enable/disable Maildir under Management -> Server -> Settings -> Email, depending on your POP3 and IMAP server.

    Should be possible if you preserve the file permissions. But if you use Maildir this will be a lot of work because each mail is in a separate file...

    If I understand you right, then I would simply create another web site in ISPConfig for that domain and then create users for that web site.

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