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    Completly newbie with Linux, I spent much time to read the assistances and handbooks ...

    1) After having created a reseller, then a customer, a web site and to have validated =

    Administration / Server-Setting / DNS / Server Default Ns1 & Ns2 with my public IP 82.127.X.X & IP
    (sec DNS Server GANDI )

    And having clicked Default MX in this same window.

    2) Then after having validated Create DNS & Create DNS-MX on the web-site config window.

    3) Having found all right DNS records itself created in " DNS Manager "
    With it seems to me the good values IPs / hosts names... and I did many tests...

    I am completely demoralized when I see my error messages identified on the dnsreport.com site…!!!

    Getting MX record for inventiste.biz (from local DNS server, may be cached)... There is no MX record for inventiste.biz! That's bad.
    Checking for an A record... Got it!
    inventiste.biz - [ERROR: A private IP address appeared in the MX records; this is not valid.
    end quote

    Can you say to me how is it possible to obtain such an error message???

    Currently, while letting function my server, I erased all DNS records, and I waits until the storm passes…

    I would be very happy when you can answer me. Thanks a lot.
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    You can not use the automatic DNS record functions from ISPConfig when you are in a NAT enviroment. The problem is that the Website IP is your private IP and the DNS IP is your external IP.

    Go to DNS-Manager and change the IP in the DNS record of your domain to your external IP.

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