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Discussion in 'General' started by TonyG, Oct 21, 2020.

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    Looking at the ISPConfig Monitor, I'm struck with information overload. Yes, I certainly want to have all log data available, when I want it, but I don't want all of the data all of the time. It would be verry helpful to have a single dashboard page that shows the latest significant log data. That means doing a grep on a log file for configured keywords. Then doing a tail on that subset or a more intelligent filter by time, and then aggregating all of this into a summary file that then gets rendered.

    Examples: Some logs include INFO, NOTICE, and DEBUG info. I want logs to continue to update at these levels, but when I glance at the dashboard I just want to see ERROR messages or anything else that requires attention.

    Is this the intent of the Overview, to just tell us when something is not OK?
    Is this already available somewhere for ISPConfig? Would this be a candidate for a plugin? An enhancement to core?
    Is this the intent of including Munin and Monit in the ISPConfig Monitor?

    I know there are many tools, rsyslog, journalctl, Nagios, etc. (Good review of tools here) I just don't know where the intent is for ISPConfig to stop at configuration/reporting and for other tools to start with more rigorous daily system monitoring. I don't know if there is already some way to define integration of these other tools with ISPConfig - or if that should simply not be done.

    What do YOU do to monitor your systems for issues?

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    logwatch and pflogsumm

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