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Discussion in 'Technical' started by neu2linux, Oct 6, 2005.

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    I have a Logitech USB Headset I had bought, it is PC and PS2 compatible. However, Logitech has no info on the product and no drivers as it is Plug & Play under the Windows OS.

    I have it plugged into my Linux box and it gets detected. in Hardware, but shows under "other unknown devices"

    I ran alsaconf in hopes to get it working, but no luck.

    I need it for SkyPE, while I am able to select it in SkyPE the headset just does not work, no headphone sound no mic working.


    ^^ Here is how it looks in Mandriva, the module snd thing got installed when I plugged it in, had to insert the Mandriva DVD to install, but again, not working.

    Anyone know of this as being an issue, or know of a way to get it working?

    It has it's own sound chip in the headset, in Windows XP it shows up as another sound card, which is easily setup to send sound/mic to/from specific apps such as SkyPE for windows, problem is SkyPE lags my main system when I am playing games (lags the OS not net) so I wanted to use SkyPE on Linux while I am playing games online.

    // Thanks,
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    hey there
    seems like you're german speaking? ( "neu"2linux)
    I also have an issue with skype: I can't use my headset with it because my headset is one with the normal headphones- and microphone plug, so there's no software needed. Skype wants me to mount the headset on "/dev/dsp"
    now, how on earth should i mount it there when it's plugged into the normal plugs for mic and headphones?
    is there any way to change these settings?

    g dante
  3. dproduzioni

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    [maybe] a solution

    I solved the issue with my Logitech USB Headset under Debian recompiling the kernel;
    simply add the support for usb audio devices by navigating
    Device drivers -> Sound -> Advanced Linux sound Architecture -> USB Devices
    and now select "USB Audio/MIDI driver".
    Now I can use all audio applications (Skype, games, audio/video players...)
    Furthermore, I'm able to direct different audio streams to different audio cards (i.e.: speakers plugged into my pci audio card or usb headset) using the tool included in KDE (I dunno how to do this under GNOME...)

    Hope it will help.

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