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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by sojic, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. sojic

    sojic New Member

    Centos 5.1 with ispconfig.

    It was everything OK till yesterday. Now... mail do not arrive. I'm sending mail from another host, and I did not receive "Mailer daemon reply" that mail can not be delivered. From another side (on ispconfig hosting), I do not receive any mail.

    Where is mail? Why it do not arrive to destination. And if there is problem, sender should receive "mailer daemon notification".

    Thanks in advance.
  2. sojic

    sojic New Member

    I just comment this line in /etc/postfix/

    #message_size_limit = 720000000

    and all mails arrive.

    So... How to increase message limit size? I need to receive mails more more then default (10M).
  3. joel_griego

    joel_griego New Member

    Message Size Limit

    if you want to resize sending and receiving of email attachment on postfix, modify /etc/postfix/ then

    message_size_limit = (size you want in bytes)

    then save the configuration and then command:

    postfix reload

    thats all
  4. sojic

    sojic New Member

    By default this line is missing.

    I add message_size_limit = 720000000 and mail stop arriving.

    When I comment this line, mail arriving again.

    What is the problem?
  5. joel_griego

    joel_griego New Member

    Hi I think my reply wasnt posted, my internet connection got crazy.

    I think you should reduce your value of message_size_limit. Its way too far from default value of 10 MB or 10240000 Bytes. Your value is 720 MB. Its too big.

    then command
    postfix reload
    and then
    /etc/init.d/postfix restart

    it will surely work.

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