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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by andy2605, Jul 4, 2006.

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    FC5 (followed the Perfect Setup howto)

    I am trying to relay mail for 1 domain through the FC5 box on my DMZ to my SBS2003 exchange server on my LAN.

    I have tried to set the mailserver option to external and added an MX record with weight of 10 pointing to the lan IP address. I have changed the standard ISPConfig generated Record to weight 20.

    In the hope that if my sbs2k3 server is not online (after all its microsoft) that the FC5 server will be a back up.

    Is this possible? im a bit of newbie to this and i cant find a simple "this is what you do........" document on this.
  2. chrno

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    I believe you can't use LAN IP in your MX records.

    Try googling for "Setting up Backup MX Server" :D
  3. andy2605

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    forgot to say

    i have set the additional MX record in the Bind DNS on my FC5 machine, not on domain host's dns. so the entry is behind my firewall and only a local dns.
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    You must set the MX record to an A record, and this A record must point to your public IP address, not your local one, because local IP addresses do not get routed on the internet.

    But I guess you only have one public IP address (your router's public IP address), so you cannot create a backup MX record because it would point to the same IP address, and your router can forward port 25 to only one machine.

    You must create the records on the name server that is authoritative for your domain. You can find out by running
    dig ns

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