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    I installedISPconfig with the tuto on this site. And I have a problem with e-mails. When I send an e-mail from the e-mail customer " squirrelmail " of my server, the recipient receive him perfectly. On the recipient hand if he wants to answer me he " Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender " with this text :
    And I have a this file on Undelivered Mail:
    Please help me. Thanks and sorry for my english I use translator
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    up please :confused:
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    I think you named your server (hostname)
    You should not do this! Always name it something like etc. (with subdomain).
    Your server treats all mails to being local accounts and tries to deliver them to local system accounts (that do not exist).
    Change the server's hostname and the destination settings in postfix accordingly.
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    Thanks you !!!!!!! I Thank you very much . you save me !!!

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