Maildir folders not created initially by Kmail

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by rfburn, Jun 15, 2006.

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    I am running a Suse Linux Professional v9.3 server. I completed the setup according to the tutorial "The Perfect Setup Suse 9.3". However, I did not install the ISPConfig as this is my home server and I have a dynamic IP. I use the ddclient that comes with Suse 9.3 so my webserver works fine along with all other internet related features, with one exception. The Kmail setup does not initially create a Maildir folder for a new user, at least not until the user has setup their Kmail account and has actually received incoming mail. Consequently, the IMAP server does not allow a new user to login to the Webmail until the new Maildir folder has been created during the previous step of receiving incoming mail.

    Not a big deal, but it took me half a day to figure that one out. Is this normal for the Kmail, IMAP, and Webmail processes? Just checking, its fine as is as long as I inform new users about the procedural steps to follow when setting up ther Mail accounts.

    Thanks for any feedback or tickles you send my way... :D
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    That's normal. You have to send a mail first, and the Maildir is created when that mail arrives.
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    Mail delivery system - Many Thanks.

    Ok, then I am not losing my mind. Ha Ha. Thanks Falco, your a great person to converse with here. I know your very busy, just got your HowToForge email sent out to everyone. I cant say enough how much your appreciated by everyone here. Many thanks to you and Till for being great mentors to people with dumb questions like me. :)

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