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    Hey there.. I installed MailHog on the virtualbox install of ISPConfig I use for testing and I find myself in a slight pickle. Two questions:

    1.) Since the WebGUI for MailHog is only accessible on localhost:8025 /, how would I access the webgui via my host machine, as the host machine utilizes "localhost"?

    2.) Since, I haven't been able to access the webgui, I don't know if MailHog & postfix are in conflict. Does anyone foresee running these apps side by side? (will I need to alter/remove postfix in order to utilize mailhog?)

    3.) If anyone knows of a better means of testing email configs in a vbox installation of ISPConfig, I am open to suggestions.

  2. Th0m

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    Is it listening on localhost only, or on your internal IP as well?

    I had never heard from MailHog, but I don't think it would. It seems like Mailhog uses port 1025 for SMTP.

    By the way, this is not really related to ISPConfig. It would fit better in the Linux board, where others can comment as well (The priority support forum only allows replies from other HTF subscribers). Shall I move your post?
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    yeah sure move.. i will try to be careful my posts.. thx

    Fundamentally, this is what I am trying to achieve.. change the address of MailHog's webGUI to match the ip of my virtualmachine? For example:

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