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    i was hoping that someone could give me some advice. i need to create a newsletter for a customer, he's got around 150 recipients on his current setup. there is only one person posting to the list, and replies from list-members or otherwise are not to be forwarded to the list. i can setup all of this with mailman, but it still feels a bit chunky and insecure. for example, i don't want to expose mailman's list overview/admin pages. my concern is that if someone manages to brute-force that password, all the list-member's adresses are exposed and (worse) the hacker can use mailman to send out massive amounts of spam to everyone from my mailserver.
    since i don't really need the full mailman functionality i was wondering if there is a lighter, less feature-complete and maybe safer alternative to mailman that still lets me send out these newsletters. a webmail-plugin or something like that perhaps?
    the server itself is a debian machine with roundcube and ispconfig, configured following the "perfect server" guidelines.
    any inputs would be appreciated!
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    edit. maybe the better approach is to import all the newsletter recipients as contacts in roundcube, and send out the newsletter by adding the recipients to the bcc? is there a limit on how many recipients a mail can have?
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