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Discussion in 'General' started by muekno, Dec 13, 2014.

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    Building a new serverfarm with ISPCONFIG I build an Admin Server just for ISPCONG webinterface as master server, all fine running
    I build a a mailserver just for SPAM and virusfilter and mail relay, just installed Postfix, Amavis and Clamd. Under system I just defined it as mailserver. Postfix runs. Now Monitor shows the server red, and say IMAP and POP3 not missing. I do not want to have IMAP and POP3 on this server, but with Squirellmail on a second mailserver. Howto suppress the error

    Thanks for help


    P.S. useing lastest stable ispconfig p5 and opensuse 13.1 with latest patches
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  2. MasteRTriX

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    I think if you want to have a gateway mail server, it shouldn't be managed by ispconfig, since for ispconfig (I think), a mailserver is where mailboxes are.

    In your case I'd install some pre made mail gateway, or a linux base sistem with amavis/spamassassin/etc, there are many howtos about this.
  3. till

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    No, thats not the case. ISPConfig can work as mailserver with mailboxes, as gateway or in both modes combined. E.g. many users use ispconfig as gateway to filter emails fro their exchange servers.

    A ispconfig mail server expects all services to be installed incl. imap and pop3. If you dont want to make them accessible from outside, then you can close their ports in the firewall.
  4. MasteRTriX

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    Sorry Till didn't know. Is there a howto for making this scenario work?
    Currently I have a multiserver enviroment with no mail gateway managed by ispconfig since I didn't find how to do so.

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