Main template and server selection in ISPC 3.1.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by karuott, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. karuott

    karuott New Member

    We have problem with limit templates in 3.1. Is it somehow possible to make servers selectable if the main template is active?
    We have 5 web servers/database servers and we would like to give only one server for client. But at the moment i should make one template for every server and give that to client.
    In the main template i select all the servers:
    In client limits we would like to remove servers that is not allowed for that client (In the picture, only web1 is allowed):

    But we can't change servers if the master template is added.

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  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Use a main template without a server and then use additional templates to add the servers as needed.
  3. karuott

    karuott New Member

    I have tried that and it doesn't work. If i add server to additional template and add additional template to a client it doesn't show those servers and i cant select those servers either. It only says
    I can only add servers to main template.
  4. mscholz

    mscholz New Member

    @till @karuott
    Are there any news on this topic? We have the same problem too, and don't get it handled.
    As soon as there is a main template all settings regarding the web servers won't be saved, regardless if manually selected or via additional template.
  5. mscholz

    mscholz New Member

    It seems like there was a fix in 3.1.3 (or eventually a bug who knows?).

    Now if i create a MT w/o a server, a AT w/ server it seems to work. You have to create the client, select the MT, then the AT, delete the already given server, ignore the anoying pop up regarding the ignored limits and it works. If you delete the AT afterwards, the server from the AT is gone and the client can't create a website, cause there is no server selected.

    Would be nice if there is a confirmation from @till or any other coder that this is now the way it should work and will be the same in future.

    thx in advance
  6. mscholz

    mscholz New Member

    But what still isn't working is Custom + AT (w/o server) + own selected server nor MT w/o server + AT (w/o server) + own selected server.

    In the case of Custom + AT (w/o server) the values from AT are ignored. In case of MT w/o server + AT (w/o server) the server + own selected server the values from AT get added but the selected server won't be saved.
    For the 1st case this may regard to the thread probably? As the default values for the custom master are -1?

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