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    I want my clients to manage their aliases within the /mailuser/ login. For this i changed the following files:

    Now there is the possibility to edit the aliases in the "User & Email" - tab.
    Its working (no warranty!). I didn't add any translation and hardcoded the Label to keep it simple. Attached are the patches.

    <edit>Three</edit> remarks for general functionality in /mailuser/:
    1. it can be great to switch back to the last item (i've done this for this tab)
    2. ... specially because there is no warning when there was an error in the email adress. This concerns also the "Forwarding" - tab and maybe others. It can be an enhancement to introduce an error row in the template to show errors or directons for incorrect input.
    <edit>3. It can be good to have a max number of aliases ...</edit>


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