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  1. rickbyronit

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    Hi, I purchased the Billing add on for ISPConfig a few years ago now, and nows the time to upgrade servers in my multi server setup.

    I have purchased the migration script and have save many hours of work because of it, and I recomend it.

    I have the Billing module installed on currently still on the old master server, any sugestions as to how best migrate that data accross, as my clients will want/need there billing data?
    Can I dump the invoice and invoice_* tables and import using phpmyadmin, is there a script available, what have others done in this situation?

    Thank you,
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    All billing data is stored in the invoice_* tables on the master, so you can dump them with e.g. PHPMyAdmin and import them into the new server. But there is a potential issue that the client_id's of the clients on the new system differ from the ones of the old system, so please check if the data matches after you imported it. There is no automatic import available yet.
  3. rickbyronit

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    Thank you Till,
    I will have a go at it, if necessary I may be able to do a search and replace in the data.

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