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    I want to migrate my 4 standalone Ispconfig3 mail server to a fresh install in a multiserver environment with 2 synced (with dovecot sync) mail server
    I've followed this tutorial to setup all my env https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/ispconfig-multiserver-setup-debian-ubuntu
    Now, with the ispconfig migrate script, I want to migrate my first server into the new mirrored mail servers. What's the best way to sync the user's Maildir? If I'm right the sync protocol will sync every new (and deleted, moved,...) incoming mail between the 2 servers, but what about the rsync process that the migration script will do?
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    you choose the first mailserver, not the mirrored mailserver as the target server for the mail accounts in the migration script.
    that will create all the email accounts, mailforwards etc for you. (the ispconfig mirroring will handle configuring copies of all those on the 2nd mailserver) then the migration scripts rsync process will copy the actual /var/vmail/* files and folders from the old server to the first mailserver.
    from there, the dovecot sync will handle syncing the files/folders from the first mailserver to the second mailserver.
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