Migrate single ISPConfig server to Multiserver setup

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    Hello everyone!
    I recently migrated my physical ispconfig to one VM into Proxmox (singlevm.domain.tld), everything works perfect. Rightnow, I want migrate and convert this single server into multiserver setup using Virtual Machines and Containers. The singlevm is only a gateway in this migration process.

    I need your help and recomendations, this is a production server, I need preserve in migration process the mail, ftp, db and clients credentials (login/passwords) in new multiserver enviroment.

    This is my plan:
    Container Web Server (web1.domain.tld):

    This server only be used to host ispconfig, roundcube, phpmyadmin and one website (my own website), I know the containers don't support disk quotas, it is possible use this CT server and manage the second Web Server (VM) from here? I will configure the only website hosting here with Harddisk Quota and Traffic Quota unlimited (-1).

    Virtual Machine Web Server (web2.domain.tld):
    This is to host clients websites and be managed by Web Server web1. I will remove the ISPConfig interface link in this server, only web1 have a ISPConfig interfaces.

    Container DB Server (db1.domain.tld):
    Only to host the DB used in the website hosted in the first Web Server (web1).

    Container DB Server (db2.domain.tld):
    This is to host clients databases used on Web Server web2.

    Container Mail Server (mail1.domain.tld):
    Only to host my mails accounts from domain hosted on web1.

    Container Mail Server (mail2.domain.tld):
    To host clients mails accounts from web2.

    Container DNS Server (ns1.domain.tld)
    The primary DNS Server

    Container DNS Server (ns2.domain.tld)
    This secondary DNS Server is a ns1 mirror.

    The reason to have separated my server from clients web, mail and database, is because if someone abused don't affect my website and IP/domain reputation. This configuration uses one VM and seven CT.

    The first question
    in this planification are:
    1) if it is the possible to use a Container to web1 and manage from the Ispconfig panel install only on web1 the quotas on websites hosted on web2 (VM)?.
    2) I need install on server web1 the packet related to quotas?.

    The migration procces:

    I reed Till answer on Migration of Mail from single server set up to multi server set up and Move site to another server in multiserver setup.

    I will be install all packets on the new CT web1 following the ISPConfig perfect setup, and after that I will follow the ISPConfig 3 move to another server to migrate from my single Virtual Machine (singlevm.domain.tld) to this new Container web1.domain.tld, after the migration is complete I will be adding one be one the servers: web2, db1, db2, mail1, mail2, ns1 and ns2 and do the Till recomendations in the migrations to multiservers threads. The singlevm is only a gateway in this migration process, when the migration are finished I will be deleted the server singlevm.

    The nexts question:
    3) Right now my ISPConfig version on singlevm is, if I upgrade to ISPConfig 3.1b2 the databases tables to edit are the same? This question is because I'm thinking on follow the The Perfect Server – Debian 8.4 Jessie (Apache2, BIND, Dovecot, ISPConfig 3.1).
    Or do you recommend me to make the migration on this version and make the upgrade when the final 3.1 version get released?

    Thanks for your time and help! Sorry for my english ;)
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    The server_id - fields for 3054 and 31 are the same. I would setup all servers with 3054 and you can upgrade all servers afterwars to 31.
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    Thanks Florian!

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