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    Hello All,

    I am trying to do a migration of ispconfig3 and all data from the old server - CentOS 6.6 to a new one CentOS 7.
    Initially i had trouble setting up the target ispconfig3 on CentOS 7 following the perfect guide:
    Couldn't access the admin page after installing ispconfig3, the firewall rules were not applied correctly.
    I traced this to the bug with adding the proper name of the interface in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/conf/bastille-firewall.cfg.master
    This may help any one facing this problem on CentOS 7, depending if its vm or hardware setup it may be ens+ or eno+ etc...

    Anyway to continue with my next problem, and that is after i copied the data to the new server and doing the resync i am left with a Internal Server Error. I have followed the general guidelines here on the forums regarding data migration:
    - Copy all web user lines from the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow on the new system.
    - Copy all client groups lines from the /etc/group and /etc/gshadow files to the new system.
    - Copy the folder /var/vmail, /var/www and /var/log/ispconfig to the new server (with keeping attributes).
    - Copy the ISPConfig mysql database on the new server. I did a full dump and after importing changed the ispconfig user with the new password from the configuration files on the new CentOS 7 install.
    There is entry from /var/log/httpd/error_log
    mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server, End of script output before headers: index.php

    Does anyone have some clues as what is wrong and how to troubleshoot this migration further.

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    Running the update script from the install directory solved this for me by reconfiguring the services.

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