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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by inka, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. inka

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    Planing to move to a new Host with new IP.
    Old Host Ubuntu 18.04 with current version of ISPconfig, new one 20.04.

    Q1) Any known conflicts with Ubuntu 20.04?
    Q2) Will Migration Toolkit be able to do this or are there any known problems due to newer OS version?
    Q3) Is there any checklist what "needs" to be done after a Migration? I will not be running a DNS and have to manually configure SPF,DKIM and DMARC again. Anything else?
  2. Taleman

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    See https://git.ispconfig.org/ispconfig/ispconfig3/-/issues There is ISPConfig 3.2.1 coming as bug fix release.
    Yes. See first answer.
    Migration tool has instructions. I'm not aware of any checklist, though.
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  3. Th0m

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    Q1: There are no major problems with Ubuntu 20.04. We will release 3.2.1 with some bugfixes on october 28.

    Q2: The migration tool is able to migrate from 18.04 to 20.04 without any trouble.

    Q3: Client templates are not migrated. The client will have the correct limits, but they won't be assigned to a template. Other than that I don't think there are things you have to do, but it can't hurt to go through the UI and see if all is OK.

    And you can do a dry run first, so you can see if all is ready.
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  4. Th0m

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    You posted in the ISPConfig 2 board, are you using ISPConfig 2 currently or did you accidently post here?
  5. inka

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    Yes, did not realize i was posting in wrong place, wil double check next time and sorry for the uber late reply.
    Thread can be closed.
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