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    I'm trying a dry run before getting a license, this is done on the source server (Debian 9 / ISPConfig 3.2.8p1) :
    root@eagle:~/migration# ./migrate
    Please change default shell to bash. Dash is incompatible.
    So I did:
    dpkg-reconfigure dash
    I select No, should be OK.

    Then I checked:
    root@eagle:~/migration# cat /etc/passwd
    Looks OK as well, but still getting the same error.

    If I attempt this I see some more issue but I'm not sure it's related:
    root@eagle:~/migration# /bin/sh ./migrate
    ./migrate: 9: [: dash: unexpected operator
    ./migrate: 16: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 20: ./migrate: [[: not found
    dirname: missing operand
    Try 'dirname --help' for more information.
    readlink: missing operand
    Try 'readlink --help' for more information.
    ./migrate: 27: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 33: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 36: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 42: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 1: ./migrate: -v: not found
    ./migrate: 49: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 56: ./migrate: cannot create /conf/php/php.ini: Directory nonexistent
    ./migrate: 57: ./migrate: cannot create /conf/php/php.ini: Directory nonexistent
    ./migrate: 58: ./migrate: cannot create /conf/php/php.ini: Directory nonexistent
    ./migrate: 60: ./migrate: -c: not found
    ./migrate: 61: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 65: ./migrate: -c: not found
    ./migrate: 66: ./migrate: -c: not found
    ./migrate: 70: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 140: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 146: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 146: ./migrate: : Permission denied
    ./migrate: 146: ./migrate: : Permission denied
    ./migrate: 146: ./migrate: : Permission denied
    ./migrate: 148: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 148: ./migrate: : Permission denied
    ./migrate: 150: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 152: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 154: ./migrate: [[: not found
    ./migrate: 156: ./migrate: [[: not found
    You are using an unsupported PHP version ().
    Q1: What else can I do to fix this and proceed with the migration?
    Q2: The old server uses certbot, the new system is using acme.sh. How do I correct this too?

    Thank you so much for your input!
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    This does not mean that you are using bash as bash links to dash in your case so that dash replaces bash. Run the command again:

    dpkg-reconfigure dash

    and ensure that you really select the right option 'no' and config it.

    the error is still that you use a limited shall (dash) which is not able to run bash scripts correctly.

    The best option would be to install the new system to use certbot and not acme.sh. In your current situation, SSL certs can not be migrated as certbot and acme.sh are incompatible with each other.
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