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    Hi guys
    I'd like to migrate our firm's server (debian 10 with raid 1 ) to a new one. The users emails sum to few TBs of size. Would it be easier to do the migration using a cloning (dd tool) of the raid 1 partitions onto the new server HDDs or just rsync the entire contents (Maildirs) and then in some way copy the ISPConfig databases into the new one?
    The most hassle free way is what is aimed at here.
  2. Taleman

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    I would say the migration tool method is most hassle free. You can do dry run to see it works reasonably, then let it migrate the data, this can take time but it uses rsync. When you are ready to switch over to the new system, do final migration run (this goes fast because rsync).
    I have done a few migrations and they work well, but you have to understand how the tool works and what it does, so practice is useful.
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    Thank you sir !

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