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    I just upgraded Ispconfig to using update script ispconfig_update.sh within the version. Update went ok, no errors reported. Now when I navigate to http://servername/ispconfig the Ispconfig control panel doesn't show, I get blank page. If I look into source, then see this:

    title>404 Not Found</title>
    h1>Not Found</h1>
    p>The requested URL /ispconfigwas not found on this server.</p>
    I restarted the server, the hosted websites are working normaly but I can't access control panel.
    What is wrong? Is there something changed between these two versions that affects the control panel access? How can I access the control panel now??
    Thanks in advance!

    Case closed! I went through Ispconfig 3 install manual on Lucid Ubuntu and found that panel can be access via http://servername:8080
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    Today, after upgrading to version I found myself in the same situation.

    It's a simple permissions problem, for some reason the upgrade process does not assign the proper permissions to the file:

    I gave it manually the exact same permissions of:

    After that it work like a charm.

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