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Discussion in 'General' started by Sander Jansen, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Sander Jansen

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    Hey, i had some strange problems with e-mails. strange things is that i have 4 mailboxes at the moment and 1 of them still had all e-mails (almost a year back) i have another one that goes back till 03-30. Another mailbox had just 7 days ... so on... but what is strange to me, the sent items are all there in all mailboxes and thus go back till almost a year...

    I did have some boot problems where quotas were a problem, i fixed it and replaced the quotas and those seem to work like normal again... everything else like websites, ftp en whatever works like normal... its just the e-mail what is having these problems... I just don't get it because the dates until everything is still there is different for all the mailboxes... and also that its just inbox ... everything else seems to all be still there...

    At the moment its not a problem if i cant get those e-mails back, but i want to prevent it for the future

    Thanks in advance...
  2. till

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    The most likely reason for such a behaviour is that you have somewhere a device with an email client that you do not use regularly and this device connects to the mailbox with pop3 and not imap. the pop3 connection will download all emaisl and removes them, but only in the inbox, sent or draft folders don't get touched by pop3.
  3. Sander Jansen

    Sander Jansen New Member

    That isnt the case, i only use webmail (buildin roundcube) and my iphone witch is set to imap. i didnt have other devices connected. i found out about it because i was buying office, before installing i found out about the missing e-mails... when i bought it the store send a link to my mailbox and so i found out...

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