mod_cband not working as expected

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by ignasigarcia, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. ignasigarcia

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    Hi there!

    This is a message I sent to Falko, and he kindly suggested that I posted it here. Hope someone can help me with this. Here it goes...

    Hi Falko

    I'm sorry I'm contacting you about mod_cband, but I subscribed to
    mod_cband forums last week, but it seems the site is not very active...
    I read your mod_cband tutorial and put it to work. It works, but I'm
    just having one problem and I was wondering if you might help me find a

    I load the module and configure a virtual host to use mod_cband. I do
    not put any limit on the number of allowed connections, but I will never
    be able to establish more than 2 connections to the site at the same
    time. Let me illustrate it with an example. These are the mod_cband
    directives for the virtual host site:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteOptions inherit
    CBandSpeed 2048 0 0
    CBandScoreboard /srv/scoreboard/
    CBandLimit 200MB
    CBandPeriod 1D

    on httpd.conf this is what I have:

    CBandScoreFlushPeriod 100
    CBandRandomPulse On

    and on mod_cband.conf I just have the SetHandler stuff to acess the
    status page.

    now I access my and I the site won't accept more than 2
    connections at the same time, i.e. photo galleries run slower, I
    download 2 files at the same time and unable to browse/download anything
    else until 1 of the files has been donwloaded.

    I change CBandSpeed to 2048 60 60 and it's just the same. And the most
    curious thing is that for the other virtual hosts sites I do not have
    any mod_cband directive and I also get this 2 connection limit. The only
    thing I can do is to unload the module, and everything runs fine again.

    I run SuSe 10.1 and compiled the module myself. Can you help me?


  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    This has nothing to do with mod_cband, but with your browser. I get the same if I, for example, download MySQL dumps with phpMyAdmin on a server that doesn't use mod_cband. If I download two dumps at the same time, I cannot browse the same web site at the time. The only solution is to use another browser (e.g. if you download with Firefox, use IE for browsing during that time).
  3. nenad

    nenad ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    What is exact purpose of this (file ?) ?

    CBandScoreboard /srv/scoreboard/www. mydomain. com. scoreboard

    Is it in readable format? Which one? Is it a kind of a log file?

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