mod_php, Fast-CGI and PHP-FPM

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by MadEgg, May 12, 2015.

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    After ages of solely using mod_php in ISPConfig, I've been digging into the details more.

    First of all, I found out that combinding SuExex with mod_php doesn't accomplish much: PHP is still run as the HTTPD user and not as the web-user.

    And then there's Fast-CGI and PHP-FPM. I found various sources that seem to suggest that PHP-FPM would be faster than Fast-CGI. However, when I switched a website over to PHP-FPM, I noticed that a whopping 20 new PHP-FPM processes are started for the new pool (web24 in this case), even before accessing the website itself. This seems a little overwhelming and I can hardly believe this will scale up when I would switch over all sites to PHP-FPM.

    Fast-CGI on the other hand does not seem to launch additional processes until the page is accessed and the processes also terminated after a short while. This seems to be much nicer on system resources when hosting numerous websites.

    Is my observation correct? Is there anything to improve the situation for PHP-FPM or is it just better to stick with Fast-CGI?

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