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    We are a hoster and got a new client which needs a dedicated linux server with php 5.6. On the old server when the client ran phpinfo.php the module watchdog was listed. On our server it is not listed.

    Here are some details about our server: Ubuntu 18.10, Apache 2.4.29, ISPconfig 3.1, php 7.2 and php 5.6. Both php version works. In ISPconfig one can choose which PHP version to use for the website. We see that from the output of phpinfo. Everything looks fine.

    I understand that mod_watchdog is a module delivered with apache (newer versions). We run a command and mod_watchdog is listed as a static module. I think the module heartbeat and heartbeatmonitor are using the static module.

    The client has a script which needs mod_watchdog and apparently it doesn't work yet. Perhaps we need to register the mod in PHP or so. The client old server is more than 6 years old and i guess had an older apache server installed.

    Any idea how mod_watchdong will be recognised in php?

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    Yes I do
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    Hello - any idea to my problem? The link @Taleman provided I knew before and it doesn't really help.


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