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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pinguingilo, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. pinguingilo

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    I Want monitoring my mailserver trafic such as log analyzer and else...How To Monitoring That mailserver...Can do it ?? I use Postfix + Clamav + Clamsmtp..Please Tell me !!! :confused: :confused: :confused:
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  3. davekeogh

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    pflogsumm can monitor postfix logs pretty well. Google it and you'll find it!
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  6. falko

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    There's a file mailgraph.cgi that you must put in the cgi-bin directory of a website and make it executable. Afterwards you can access it like that:
  7. AngelDrago

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    i'm getting a 500 error - Internal Server Error! after copying the mailgraph.cgi... how do i make it executable???... Thank you falko Peace AngelDrago
  8. lorello

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    I'v ubuntu breeze and I've done a simple

    apt-get install mailgraph

    chmod a+x /usr/lib/cgi-bin/mailgraph.cgi
    and then... nothing was functioning properly :mad:
    I've made it running, editing some files, as described in this trac ticket
    (in italian, sorry).

    You can now see my mail statistics at:


    I'm now trying to make couriergraph running... but I'm not very lucky...
  9. falko

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    chmod 755 /path/to/mailgraph.cgi
    If you use suExec, you must also chown the file.
  10. nenad

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  11. falko

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    Are the settings in your mailgraph.cgi correct? Maybe the folder for image creation doesn't exist or something like that.
  12. nenad

    nenad Member

    Exactly like that.

    I overseen this line in mailgraph.cgi

    my $tmp_dir = '/var/lib/mailgraph'; # temporary directory where to store the images

    so, I created that directory

    (and cmod and chown it change to the user the suexec of that virtualhost was running)

    but there is still no graphs

    there is only ,cgi-bin directory created inside /var/lib/mailgraph
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  13. nenad

    nenad Member

    OK, I found what was happening.


    directory MUST be created BEFORE installation of rrdtool and mailgraph.

    If it is not created then those two files:


    are not written in this directory, and when you try to see your graphs, you will not see them.

    and it must be chmod to 755 and chown to the suexec user of that virtualhost


    So this is revised falko's tutorial.
    This one is "mailgraph for dummies on Debian Sarge 3.1" (dummies as I am :) ). And of course this will help me few months later when I reinstall server to set up mailraph once again :)

    In this example virtual host is
    Web user is web1_user

    Step 1:

    mkdir /var/lib/mailgraph
    chmod 755 /var/lib/mailgraph
    chown web1_user:web1 /var/lib/mailgraph

    Step 2:

    apt-get install rrdtool mailgraph

    Note: If you allready installed this, but you find your self in trouble making it work, and you find this tutorial try this instead:

    apt-get --reinstall install rrdtool mailgraph

    Step 3:

    Should Mailgraph start on boot? <-- Yes
    Which logfile should be used by mailgraph? <-- /var/log/mail.log
    Remove RRD files on purge? <-- No If this is selected as 'Yes' then /var/lib/mailgraph directory will be deleted

    Step 4:
    Copy mailgraph.cgi to cgi of our website's cgi directory

    cp -p /usr/lib/cgi-bin/mailgraph.cgi /var/www/

    Step 5:
    Change ownership:

    chown web1_user:web1 /var/www/

    Step 6:
    Point your browser to:

    Note: I do hope that this will work for you as it works for me:

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