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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by trexen, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. trexen

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    I got som realy big problem, the ext3 filsystem is verry unstable and can die anytime, i hade to restore a snapshot 2 times.

    Im installing a new server debian lenny perfect setup and latest ispconfig 2.2.37. is there a way to just move/backup and restore to the new server?

    i do backup at /var/www/webXX to another location and even all DB to every customer to new location.

    Under tools there is a backup tools but how to restore?

    Ore can i just restore all DB including ispconfig db and restore all web to the same place from the first server to the new and its going to work?

    plz help
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

  3. trexen

    trexen Member

    problem whit mysql

    got som problem after o installed all DB from backups.
    following errors inte syslog:

    Dec 3 18:06:40 ISP01-NEW mysqld_safe[3206]: started
    Dec 3 18:06:40 ISP01-NEW mysqld[3210]: 101203 18:06:40 InnoDB: Operating system error number 13 in a file
    Dec 3 18:06:40 ISP01-NEW mysqld[3210]: InnoDB: The error means mysqld does not have the access rights to
    Dec 3 18:06:40 ISP01-NEW mysqld[3210]: InnoDB: the directory.
    Dec 3 18:06:40 ISP01-NEW mysqld[3210]: InnoDB: File name ./ibdata1
    Dec 3 18:06:40 ISP01-NEW mysqld[3210]: InnoDB: File operation call: 'open'.
    Dec 3 18:06:40 ISP01-NEW mysqld[3210]: InnoDB: Cannot continue operation.
    Dec 3 18:06:40 ISP01-NEW mysqld_safe[3216]: ended
    Dec 3 18:06:54 ISP01-NEW /etc/init.d/mysql[3355]: 0 processes alive and '/usr/bin/mysqladmin --defaults-fil
    e=/etc/mysql/debian.cnf ping' resulted in
    Dec 3 18:06:54 ISP01-NEW /etc/init.d/mysql[3355]: #007/usr/bin/mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost'
    Dec 3 18:06:54 ISP01-NEW /etc/init.d/mysql[3355]: error: 'Can't connect to local MySQL server through socke
    t '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)'
    Dec 3 18:06:54 ISP01-NEW /etc/init.d/mysql[3355]: Check that mysqld is running and that the socket: '/var/r
    un/mysqld/mysqld.sock' exists!
    Dec 3 18:06:54 ISP01-NEW /etc/init.d/mysql[3355]:

    anything i forgot to do?
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    How did you restore the MySQL database? From an SQL dump, or did you copy the database directory? If the latter, please make sure that you preserved the permissions and ownerships of that directory.
  5. trexen

    trexen Member

    im doing an new installation of Debian 5.0.7 and take lots of snapshots this time =)
    i try both methods, i got a verry god script that backup all db every night, so i restore db from thoes. and i also tryed to copy whit tar -pczf and restore it. but i dont know if i have to merge the 2 db togheter to have the right information.

    ore can i just import from old mysql to the new mysql db whitout having a problem, this time i named everything exactly the same as the old one, beside IP address and gateway.

    last time ispconfig setup ask me about use db_ispconfig but the old system i dbispconfig, but i create a new db to the same name and then syncronice the 2 DB in phpmyadmin and it worked fine.

    btw, the old systen is Debian etch 4 and the new is Debian lenny 5.0.7


    im going to move to ISP v3 l8r but need to get this to work asap, the old server can go down any time.
    maybe i mail you and ask for paid support?
  6. trexen

    trexen Member

    i think i g it right this time,

    but is it realy nessisary to restore mysql database from the old one?
    i don´t what it to fail again =)

    ore can i do something so it doesent fail?

  7. trexen

    trexen Member

    I think i got the most part to work, but =)

    when try to access my www page i get this error inte the web browser.

    "Error establishing a database connection"

    is there something to do that i dont restore the mysql DB from old to the new server?
    Just try that and still the same error..

    Is this has something to do whit that i diden´t restore the mysql DB?

    any sugestion?

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  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    If you want to migrate a mysql database from one server to another, then you can not do this by simply copying the complete /var/lib/mysql directory and it will also not work to use mysqldump and dump all databases. The reason for that is that you would overwrite the "mysql" database in that case on the new server which will cause mysql to fail, as the system accounts in mysql like debian-sysmaint get overwritten. The steps that I use to migrate a mysql setup are:

    1) Dump all databases that you want to migrate with the mysqldump command and import them again on the new server by piping the .sql file to the "mysql" command. You can do this for all databases except of the "mysql" database.

    2) Now migrate the permission records for the mysql users. The easiest way is to expert all records for the client database users with phpmyadmin on the old server from the tables mysql.user and mysql.db and reimport them on the new database server. Make sure that you expoert only the users for the client databases and not the debian sysmaint user or the mysql root user.
  9. trexen

    trexen Member

    i just send you a prv messages.


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