Move site to another server in multiserver setup

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    I found few old threads with this topic but I would like to know the actual status. I need move site to another server in multiserver setup. There are databases, FTP accounts and ssh account. What is the best way to do it without changing of credentials? In lates stable version of ISPConfig I am not able to choose another server in page setting even as admin user.
    Thank you.
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    There are no functions to move a site from one server to another available yet. You can try this:

    1) Make a backup of the database and website content.
    2) Edit the server_id of all records that belong to the site (change it to the new server_id). Records of the site can be in the web_domain table, ftp user, shell user, cronjob database and database_uer table.
    3) run either tools >resync or change a value trough the ispconfig interface in each of the records that you changed (e.g. switch cgi off in the site, press save, enable it again and press save. This should force the recreation of the site on the new server node.

    In any case, make a backup of the ispconfig database on the master and on the affected slave servers.

    The site will not be removed from its old server though, so it might have to be cleaned up manually.

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