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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by theWeird, Mar 6, 2016.

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    Hey there,
    in my multiserver setup I have one really old installation, the ISPConfig Panel Server holding the master database and my primary DNS service.

    Now I would like to move only the panel and master database to another datacenter for failsafe reasons and reduce the old server to a pure bind DNS service.
    Well, on every slave server I think it shouldn't be so hard to grep out the masters DNS name or IP and change it.
    I also don't think it will be a problem to setup ISP on the new panel and migrate it with the old master DB, annoying but not too hard.
    But what do I have to change on the old DNS server in order to change it from a master-db to a slave server that polls the new master DB?
    And what are the PHP Libs that are minimum required to run an ISP slave that doesn't server websites?
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    That's not that easy as the new dns slave node will have to get a new server_id (in files), a record in the "server" table on his local database and the master and also his records in the dns_* tables on its local db and the master will need that new ID. An alternative can be (when this dns is a secondary slave) that you reinstall it from scratch, add the new node to the new master, select it to be a slave of the new primary dns and then use the resync function to push all exsiting dns zones to the new dns server.

    See a dns only node setup here to get an idea what is needed:

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