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  1. Quaxth

    Quaxth Member

    Hello to all!

    And that's my question: On which Linux Server MS Office 2016 could be installed and would run?

    One of my friends is a 'heavey' user of MS Excel and would like to have in his company a Linux Server instead of an MS Windows Server for security reason. He need have MS Office 2016 running on it.
    I know there's Wine and some other apps for to run Windows Apps on Linux (Server?), which may would be ok for 'normal' apps, but MS Excel, special if that would be used with a lot of Macros etc., etc.!

    Any informations about 'How to run MS Office 2016' (it must be Office 2016!) on any specific Linux Server are very appreciated.
    Thanks for any infos and best regards from Thailand!
  2. Tuumke

    Tuumke Active Member

    If you don't want to use WINE, maybe you could look into CrossOver?
    There even is a tutorial-ish article about it on howtogeek. I can't say for sure if there are features that aren't working, you'd have to try that out but they offer trial versions of the software.
    Don't think there is any other way to run your Windows applications on Linux.
    Here's another tutorial on Office 2010 with Wine.
    If these solutions are not what you are looking for, maybe they should upgrade (or downgrade lol) to Office 365 and use it from the 'cloud'?
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  3. Quaxth

    Quaxth Member

    Thanks for your answer.

    It's not about to use or not to use Wine, that was just an example!
    Main point is that the Office Version is 2016 not any older! I simply looking for any suitable way to use MS Office 2016 on a Linux Server, accessible via the international Internet!

    So, the question are:
    1. On WHAT Linux Server, and I mean the Server version not the normal desktop version, Microsoft Office 2016 (this version only!) could be installed and run?
    2. If a apps is needed, WHICH would work with Office 2016 (special Excel) fully and normally?
    3. If none of that works, could a Virtual Machine be used?
    4. Regarding 3., WHICH VM would be sufficient: Virtual Box, VMWare, or what else?
    Thanks for any further informations.
  4. Tuumke

    Tuumke Active Member

    Are you talking about setting it up for multiple users? Or just one?
    If multiple: Then you are talking about packaging the application which is out of my league.
    If one, then i'd suggest running it in a VM, since remote desktop is easier to use and setup then VNC.
  5. Quaxth

    Quaxth Member

    If I setup a Server for a Company, as described in the OP, I setup for multiple users!
    In reality, I don't know yet the Office 2016 Apps of my friend company is a multiuser version or not. Anyway, even if not, the used worksheets could be set for multiuser.
    At this moment of time, it's just a questionnaire from my site, without to have hands on the used stuff. If there's a Multiuser version of Office 2016, on the workstation computer would only a small part of the whole Office Apps installed, which would save a lot of space. I'll have to find out what's really available in that company.
    If there would be only 'shared' worksheets and/or documents are placed on the Server, those would only need to be set for multiuser use, protected by username and passwords, it should be not any problem to use them via a Linux Server.
    AFAIK, Multiuser Versions of Microsoft Office, are available for corporate customers only and not for to sale in Store shelves! I really don't know MS sells Multiuser version of Office still now!
  6. Quaxth

    Quaxth Member

    Just was looking at the Collaborating function in Excel.

    It seems to be that those 'sharing' option could easy been used also on a Linux Server. MS OneDrive is directly supported, just my friend and I too didn't like OneDrive for to store confidential documents and data! Also, Office 365 SharePoint could be used, still it get's MS involved again! I just should be able to use a File Storage Folder of an online Linux Server if the shared document is placed there!
    I believe there will be other options as well for to use shared Office Files via a Linux Server.
    Any information about that are highly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    NextCloud/OwnCloud and mount them

    E.g. a windows batch file that prompts for username and password and then connects to nextcloud or owncloud:
    @echo off
    echo Enter Username and Password
    set /p user=Enter Username:
    set /p pass=Enter Password:
    c:\Windows\System32\net.exe use o: "https://nextcloud.domain.tld/remote.php/webdav/" %pass% /user:%user%
  8. Quaxth

    Quaxth Member

    Nextcloud is out of a question because that would need using storage!
    OwnCloud maybe is a way to go. I've to look deeper to it. I know that it could work on hosted server well, just to use a local and self-hosted server is maybe a difference.
    Thanks for that info.
  9. Quaxth

    Quaxth Member

    Looked already at NextCloud, and seems to be could also installed on a local Linux Server.
    Tomorrow I'll be in the company of my friend and restructuring his complete LAN, as well as install a Hardware Firewall running Smoothwall Express 3.1. That may will let me the time also to test-install those Cloud Services on VM for to see it will work with Linux without problems. Main problem will be the huge Excel Worksheets used in that company and their Macros etc.! On Windows the problem is always, if the Macros are running, nothing else could be done on Desktop or that processes hang and will need to get fully restarted.

    Ok, let see how it will be!!


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