Multi dns. Cloudflare with fallback ??

Discussion in 'General' started by Ole Vangen, Feb 27, 2021.

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    I hope this is ok to ask here in the forum.
    I have a site3 server running at Hetzner and used Cloudflare as DNS.
    It has worked for a long time but lately , the last months. I have got Cloudflare 500 , server is up running and I have a few domains that dont go throght Cloudlfare and they worked. So I know the fault has been at Cloudflare.

    Can I set up a thirds ns server?
    Like I can use Ns1, Ns2 from Cloudflare as I do now but Ns3 could either actually be my own server or from another supplier and work as a fallback if Cloudflare fails?
    If i must set up a own server for this I guess I maybe could buy the smalest Cloudserver at Hertzner for a few dollar pr month as a fall back?

    I read around and I understood that there had to be some comunication between the different NS servers. Else it fails.

    Advices is apriciated. :D
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    Before setting up CF, that may not be possible, but after, I never did try.

    And I agree with @Th0m problem could be coming from your web server side, not CF.

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