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Discussion in 'General' started by sargue, May 15, 2015.

  1. sargue

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    I am quite new to ISPConfig and I have been asked to deploy a quite particular ISPConfig setup. I've been reading howto's and thread's on this forum but I still have some doubts about my particular setup.
    I want a server to act just as the ISPConfig control panel, no sites on there or other services. Then a secondary server to host sites and services, with growing options in mind (third, fourth server... you know). The tricky part comes here: also, I want both those servers to be mirrored. So, a ISPConfig control panel mirror server and a secondary server mirror. The reason is that I have two physical servers with VMWare so I want to install separated the mirrors. This is not intended to be a active-active setup, of course, is fine to just change DNS and recover in case the main servers go down.
    So, I have this:
    • vms01: main ISPConfig master server
    • vms01-mirror: mirror ISPConfig master server
    • vms02: secondary ISPConfig server for site hosting
    • vms02-mirror: a mirror for vms02
    My doubt is about how MySQL replications should be setup, ISPConfig installations, and so on... The best approach I can think about is:
    Not sure of any of below!
    • MySQL master-master between vms01 and vms01-mirror
    • MySQL master-slave between vms02 and vms02-mirror
    ISPConfig installations:
    • vms01: standard installation, database dbispconfig
    • vms01-mirror: expert installation, local database dbispconfig2, join ispconfig on vms01/dbispconfig
    • vms02: expert installation, local database dbispconfig, join ispconfig on vms01/dbispconfig
    • vms02-mirror: I don't know!
    Thanks a lot!
  2. davefrooney

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    Hey Sargue,
    I would recommend storing your web files on a mounted VM. I use glusterfs to accomplish this. This will allow the services to run on the web VM but the storage will be handled with on separate VM's. There are some nice tutorials on this site for setting this up.

    I use percona cluster to manage my databases. Here is a nice tutorial for setting this up
    You can configure ISPConfig to create a slave of a master. You could setup all 4 server in them same cluster of databases for extra redundancy
    Make sure that you change the default names of the databases and user when setting up ISPConfig on each server.

    I hope this helps

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