Multi server setup on virtual and phisical machines

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    Hi guys!
    First thanks for your tutorials, they are awsome and were a life saver when i had to move a servef from windows to linux after the windows server was failing!
    I did the perfect server setup Ubuntu 14.04 with apache, postfix, dovcot, ispconfig3 etc.... After that i installed the Ubuntu headless server with virtual box and i'm using clonezilla live to make images.

    Now i want to do a multi server setup something like you explain in but use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as base not Debian:
    My questions are:

    1. Can i do one base install off Ubuntu&ispconfig3, than make an image of it and use that image to make the virtual machines slave servers. After only changing the host and network settings?

    2. Do all the machines need to have the same MySQL root password?

    3. With this setup can i take a new phisical server, virtulize it and connect it to the master?

    4. Can i have 2 same virtual machines on 2 different phisical servers to extend disk space off a veb server using LVM?

    I'm new to servers and linux so maybe some of the questions are stupid and impossible.
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    1. Yes, you can, but you probably need to change both network settings (including IP address and MAC address) and hostname.
    2. Nope
    3. Yep.
    4. Nope, LVM require dedicated physical devices to be connected to the same host to manage. You can try GlusterFS to virtually extend your total disk space between two or more hosts.
    Take a look here for more relevant info.
    Your welcome.
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