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    I have 2 redhat 9 dns servers running already but there is on enduser control panel availible to them. So i figured i would set up another server on a new fedora core 4 and install ispconfig on it so the sites that want to manage there own stuff can do it.

    Now what is did was goto domain named and added 2 more dns routes to it. It already had and I added and and pointed them to the ip address of the server.

    Ok here is my problem.

    When i installed ipconfig it asked for a domain name. I put in, but that domain is on my other server. so now when i try to see any system configuration it just says that page can not be displayed because the files it is looking for are not there. there on the new server and it is pointing to the old server.

    also my gifs dont show up because it is pointed to that name on another server and the files are on this one.

    Ok here is what i figured i could do is move the gifs and the other files that it is trying to request to the other server but i don't know where they are on this one.

    Or would it be better to give this server its own main domain and if it is how do i change it in the software. Uninstall and reinstall. also do i have to have that domain set up on this server before i run the installation?

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    You have to give the server its own domian or subdomain (e.g.

    Open the file:


    Edit the domain in the following variable:

    $go_info["server"]["server_url"] = ".........................";

    to point to your ISPConfig server.

    If you dont have DNS setup in your testing enviroment, you can
    enter the IP address instead of the domain.
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