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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by 8omas, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Some questions for the scenario of 5 dedicated servers:,,,,
    - If I already installed one server with all the services can I join the others to the first (the first will be the master and all the others will have ALL the services with different domain names)?
    - I want all the new servers to be full of services (just like the first one). As I understand from the manual, this is done. The thing that I do not understand is, what happens with the gui of the control panel. Is it accessible only from the first server (the master?) or the ispconfig replication allow the CP to be accessed from every server?
    -If I can not have CP on every server, then if the first server fails, all the others will fail too?
    - Is the replication of NS automatic?
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    only on the first server. The gui may not be anabled on slaves, as accessing the gui on a slave will break the cluster.

    No. Of course not, it would not make any syense to build a cluster setup with a single point of failure.

    This depends on your setup. If you use mirroring, then yes. Otherwise not. But if you want to mirror only dns and not all services, then you need dedicated dns servers.
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    The servers will not fail, but I have to rebuild the master to access gui. Is it right? (this also meens that no other changes can be made until the first server is online again)

    So would a solution of multiple servers (in the same domain) be viable (NOT a cluster, but multiple stand alone installations of ISPConfig) ? I think that the only problem would be the dns records of the servers' names that must be mirrored to every server in the same domain

    The first 2 will act as primary and secondary for all the 5. Each client will have as primary the one he belongs to, and that one will be resolved be the first two.

    (I hope that you understand my concept)

    Thanks anyway.

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