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Discussion in 'General' started by Stian M, May 20, 2018.

  1. Stian M

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    Hello folks! I'm working on a HA setup, this is the setup so far.

    A floating IP that points to two linux vps running corosync and pacemaker for high availability. These are in a active/passive setup. They also run HAProxy, which defines multiple backend nodes for the web hosts. I plan on defining multiple ISPConfig nodes there. I also have a similar setup, with two corosyn/pacemaker and haproxy nodes, defining database backends, the backends is using the percona multimaster replication setup.

    What I plan to achieve, is having ISPConfig external, only using it as a control panel, and a place where we can manage database users, mail users, web servers etc (all web servers will host the same content, but be load balanced so the load of users is balanced between the web servers).

    Is this doable with ISPConfig? If so, how difficoult and reliable is it? I don't want my hosting infrastructure to be dependant on the control panel, if the control panel goes down services will continue as normal, but access to the control panel will b
  2. till

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    In an ISPConfig multiserver setup, the slave nodes do not depend on the master. They will function as usual when master is down, you can just not add new users and websites of course when the master is not available.

    Server 1: Runs only ispconfig controlpanel, it does not host websites or mail.
    Server2+: ispconfig slaves nodes. When two slave nodes hall host the same websites (HA), then set the second dlave to be a mirror of the first slave (not a mirror of the master). You can add as many slaves and mirrors of a slave as you like. When a server is a mirror of another server, the ispconfig will perform the same config tasks on both of them and only the 'mirror master' will show up in the ISPConfig UI when you select a web, mail, database or dns server.
  3. Stian M

    Stian M New Member

    Thank you for the fast answer, however I'm not sure it covered my initial worry. I have my entire hosting infrastructure ready, with database servers, files ervers and web servers. I just need a control panel my user can manage their service with. Can this control panel interact with an already existing system, and do edits to servers outside of its own install?
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    No, this will not work. ISPConfig has to be installed on the nodes that it manages.

    Normally,one would choose a controlpanel first and then build a setup around it. I'm not sure if there is any controlpanel that can manage a custom setup that is not build for it.

    Theoretically, you might use ispconfig with your custom setup by creating serverside plugins that match your setup as ispconfig server side is completely modular and built out of modules and plugins that act on events like website_add or website_update etc.
  5. Stian M

    Stian M New Member

    Thank you, this is what I needed to know.
    The simplest control panel known to a system administrator does it without a hassle, already built in with it. Webmin with Virtualmin and maybe the Usermin module for user management.
    If I was able to code, I'm sure I would build something on my own to do what I needed, however that is not the case. I'm dyselectic and coding isnt my strongest side! :p

    Thank you for an answer!

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