Multiplexing 2 or more internet connections into 1!

Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by beatty_t, Feb 22, 2006.

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    I was wondering if anyone has or could explain how to setup an old pc as a router/proxy server, but combine 2 or more internet connections to give double (or more) the bandwidth... I know it's possible, but there's no tutorials anywhere that explain how to do it. My ultimate goal is to setup a web server that can perform at T1 speeds without having to pay for a T1 line... (I currently can get 2 lines for $26 (Canadian) each/month)... Combined they are supposed to be able to download at 10Mb/sec and upload at 1.6Mb/sec. There are 5-6 other PCs in the building- requiring Internet access, that will also be sharing the Multiplexed connection (via a switch connected to the router). I'm not into paying for anything that Cisco has to offer when I have a PC and a couple of NIC cards to do the trick... This would be more fun to learn anyways!
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    I have found a few step-by-step howto's for doing this. I currently have 1 wireless and one wired connection being load balanced. I used the directions from
    You can also use shorewall iptables

    Good Luck

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