Multiserver, but reseller cannot allow clients the use of Slave Server (is it a bug or a limit?)

Discussion in 'General' started by Ignacio Garcia, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Hi there. I have set up a multiserver install for which for now I have 2 dedicated servers (server1 and server2), with web, mail, db, and dns services on EACH server (THIS IS NOT A MIRROR SERVER INSTALL). Since I don't want to use the Admin account (and mess things up someday) I've set up a reseller account for which, with a limit template, I've given my team the chance to use both servers within a limit template (server1 and server2 for web servers and server1 and server2 for mail servers, db, and dns...). With this "fake-it-is-us" reseller account we will be setting all the templates we will need for our clients. To simplify things we want to setup one template for clients who will be assigned to server1 and another template for clients assigned to server2. However, we cannot add server2 in any templates' web, mail, and db server entries, it will just appear server1 in the drop-down entry. As a result, we can only create templates which contain server1 in web, mail, and db entries. Of course, we, using the reseller account, can directly create websites and mail domains for our clients on server2. However, what we want is clients to login and create their own web, mail and db entries, not ourselves.

    Admin, of course, can modify any template intended to use server2 and created by this reseller and set server2 instead. That would certainly solve the problem, but I'm planning to offer our services to external resellers too, and I wouldn't like to depend on manually modify each templates that they might create.

    I've been lloking all around to see if I'm missing something, but I cannot find any way to enable my reseller account to create templates which include server2 as an option for web, mail, and database servers.

    Has anybody experienced this? Am I missing something here?

    Thanks so very much in advance

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