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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Juri, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Juri

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    Hi, I need some help. I've setup two servers (host1 and host2) following Perfect Setup tutorials. Host1 is the main one and has all the features enabled except VirtualServer and Host2 only had DB and VirtualServer enabled. ISPConfig 3 control panel is only installed on Host1 and the Host2 connects to Host1.
    My problem is that I cannot create OpenVZ containers using the control panel. Whenever I make any changes in VServer section it just makes my jobqueue longer. When I create a new server in VServer section it doesn't show up in vzlist -a. However, I can create a container and start it using vzcreate options on host2.
    I've gone through troubleshooting and used debug option for logs, everything seems to be fine, no errors. I've run manually and it just gives me "set lock" and "remove lock".
    It seems to be only Host2 jobs that are getting stuck in jobqueue.

    Please help.
  2. florian030

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    Enabled the debug-log for host2, stop cron on host2, run /usr/local/ispconfig/server/ on host2 after changing something related to the servers. Did you enabld vserver for host2?
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  3. Juri

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    Hi Florian,

    Thank you for you reply. I've done as you said and it seemed to have worked. I'm not sure why because I've done this before and it didn't work.

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

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