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    I have a following task.
    My ISP has been blocked by spamhouse, that is why mails not always are delivered.
    I have bought another VPS just to make it transport my outgoing mails. How do you suggest me to configure it? I tried install postfix and added my spam positive server to MYNETWORK in the config file, as I was sending mails they appeared in the new mailq but the header sender IP is was still my "spam positive IP" so the were not delivered anyway. Afterwards I cleared all and tried to setup SENDMAIL, but with no effects...

    I think it shouldn't be so hard to setup a backup sending mail server that would send everything that comes from specyfic IP, and would swap sender IP to it's own? I have few clients so changes in MX DNS is not possible because it would be to complicated to accept certificates and so on in every their mail program.

    I am using ISPConfig
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