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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by inside83, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. inside83

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    I was wondering if there is a way to monitor CPU usage per process with munin on ISPConfig 3 on Debian 7.
    I followed this tutorial to install munin:
    I have two servers at that constantly get turned off due to a high CPU usage. The screenshot of CPU usage from munin is here:
    The support at says that both servers go down automatically because CPU usage is too high and I should do something about it or they are going to block my account.
    Please help!
  2. till

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    I haven't tried to monitor CPU usage by process with munin, maybe that's possible, you might have to google for that.

    Btw. A provider should be able to limit the CPU usage for a VM and never shut it down. I find their business behaviour just funny and would quit an account for their service immediately when they shut down my VM.
  3. inside83

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    I totally agree!
    I struggle with them for a week now.
    I would cancel their service but I already bought both servers for a year :(
    Do you think that CPU usage is high based on those graphs?

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