mysql database backup with mylvmbackup hangs when copying

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by iceget, Mar 4, 2015.

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    dear community,
    i have a problem. i have installed the current version of debian (64bit - lvm).
    i have installed a mysql databaseserver from Debian repository. so now i have a 6gb mysql database.
    i must backup this database live without downtimes.
    if i do a mysqldump, the database gets locked (i have tried all Options incl. do not locking tables) in each case.

    so now i have installed mylvmbackup. if i do a snapshot, all is working very fast and fine.
    after the snapshot was created, i can Access to this directly with cd /var/cache/mylvmbackup/mnt/backup/lib/mysql

    so now until this step, all working really fine. but if i want do a cp -R /var/cache/mylvmbackup/mnt/backup/lib/mysql /backup
    the mysql databaseserver hangs until the copy command is finished. the same is if i do a tar or zip.

    thats my Problem. now: how i can do a running backup without downtimes? in this i case i have a snapshot but cant move the data outside from the snapshot Location...

    can anybody helps me?

    thank you

    many greets

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